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A word from AFAC – BEST WISHES FOR 2018

  Today, while the IFAHR has around thirty different countries as members, Purebred Arabian horses can compete almost anywhere on the planet. This is indeed the case in most European countries, from Spain and Italy, to Poland and Russia.  In these two latter countries, like in Turkey, in Tunisia, in Qatar, in the Emirates or the Sultanate of Oman, half of the race programme is dedicated to Arabian horses. The United States and Australia also hold races specifically for Purebred Arabians. Belgium and Holland, two countries where the industry has suffered, are huge supporters of Arabian horses. They are playing a driving role in determining the future of Arabian racing in the countries of their European neighbours. Paradoxically, Arabian horses are less well thought of in the countries where racing is healthier, where the Thoroughbreds are the stars of the show, and where their connections do not see the necessity of welcoming newcomers. In the United Kingdom particularly, Purebred Arabian racehorses have long been kept apart, limited to an amateur sport. In contrast, in France, Arabian horses hav...


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